Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year / 2014 Year in Review

Happy New Year!!!

This is Greg here, and Paul and I would like to take a second and wish you all a wonderful and prosperous 2015.  As you probably saw on the Facebook page, (Please like our page, at 1,500 likes there will be a nice give-a-way) Paul just had a baby girl, and I just had my first son.  Hence the delay in updating this.

2014 has been an amazing year for me, Paul and P&G Photography.  We were blessed to have worked with some amazing clients, companies, and have done work throughout the country.  From an art point of view, we have worked with amazing models, some of the top professional dancers in the United States, and have really pushed ourselves to continue to be the best that we can be.

We would like to take a second and thank our sponsors Tink's Superior Auto Parts and The Leatherback Trust.  I know it sounds funny that an auto part store would sponsor a fine art photography company like ours, but Gary and Stefanie Holyoak has been nothing short of amazing to us. Not only do they help us out when we need, but they continuously push both Paul and myself artistically.  They have really helped lay the groundwork for what P&G Photography is all about.

We would also like to thank Evla Vlasacova.  You have helped to shape and mold both Paul and I into the artists that we are today.  I honestly don't know if we would be at the level that we are today without your guidance, critiques, and support.

We would also like to give a huge thank you to Ballet Idaho principle dancer, and Boice Dance Co-op Artistic Director, Phyllis Affrunti for bring us up to Boise, ID to photograph the BDC

performance this year.  Thank you so much for having faith in our abilities and passion for dance. We are looking forward to working with you next summer. 

I would also like to thank our models for their time, efforts, and support to the art that Paul and I produce.

Beth Snarr

Heidi Hertig

Heather Childs

Cara Drane

Dani Yash

Kristen Dziedzic

We have a bunch of exciting things happening already for 2015, including some top models, amazing dancers, clients, and some traveling back the the east coast and Boise, ID.  So stay tuned.

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