Friday, October 10, 2014

Babies, Ballerinas, and website updates


Every time it seems that we are going to be making more of a commitment to keep this blog updated, life gets in the way.  First off, both Greg and Paul as expecting additions to their families.  This will be Greg's first child, and Paul's third. Ironically, the due dates are exactly one week apart.  No, this was not planned.

We apologize for not posting as much as we do normally on the P&G Photography facebook page. Preparing for new arrivals, and being as busy as we have been, you can understand why.
Elizabeth Keller
Boise Dance Co-op

Things since our last update have been extremely busy.

Perhaps the most exciting is we just sent 4 black and white photographs to be hung up in Evla Vlasacova's studio in the heart of Bratislava, Slovakia.

We have been continuously working on our portfolio, as well as traveling around the United States for a variety of projects.  The biggest of those projects was doing the photography and promotional work for a professional dance company called Boise Dance Co-op. Ballet Idaho principle dancer, Phyllis Affrunti and her husband Frank Affrunti, invited us up to work with them and already invited us back next year not just to work with the Boise Dance Co-op but also with some of the dancers as well, including Phyllis, Elizabeth Keller, and Off Center Dance Project.  We thank them tremendously for the opportunity.

Beth Snarr
We have also been working with professional dancer Beth Snarr.  She is a phenomenal dancer and very dear friend, and it was wonderful working with her in both dance art as well as fashion and black and white artistic work as well. We will be working with her again in the next week or two.

Cara Drane
We have also had the privilege of working with Cara Drane more on the black and white artistic photography. Cara is also a ballerina, and has a zest and attitude for life that is rarely seen anymore. She was a perfect fit for Paul and Greg's black and white artistic style.  She did a fantastic job and hope to work with her again in the future.

On top of all the model / dancer work, we have also been extremely working with local restaurants, real estate agents, gallery owners, and businesses doing commercial work.  It's always wonderful working with businesses, especially local ones, because the work we do helps the business grow which will only help the community to grow.

For the next few weeks with the changing of the leaves we will be doing a lot of family, and portrait work.  Remember if you want portrait / family work done in the fall, it's best to book a day as early as April.  This year our weekends in the fall sold out the second weekend of May.

Also in a few weeks we will be working with the St. George Dance Company. They are a new upstart professional dance company based out of St. George, UT.

Perhaps the biggest news is the website.  We have not been posting too much because Justin Wilkins and Greg have been working to get the website completed with this major update BEFORE the baby comes.  The biggest thing is going to take part in the Landscape, Cityscape, Dance (the art of dance), and Fashion sections.  You'll be able to soon click on the photos and a pop up will come up with all the information and ordering information for the photograph.  Here is a sneak peak.

You'll be able to click on the flags and have current exchange rates.  The flags posted represent where we have our biggest followings.  If your flag is not listed, just e-mail us and we will be able to give you pricing and shipping information. We have been working on this now for the past few months and Justin Wilkins has done an amazing job.  On behalf of Paul and myself (Greg), thank you.

Till next time.

Paul and Greg

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