Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In the beginning...

This afternoon I wanted to talk about a specific photo.  One that is very special to both Paul and I.

This photograph is titled "The Lamp" and it was taken off the shore of Lake Ontario in Rochester, NY on September 28th, 2011.  It's special to us both because this photo is number one in our catalog.  This was the photo that inspired both Paul and myself to start P&G Photography back in Philadelphia, PA.  Who knew if we would be successful or not, but what is life without some risks.

When I am out doing landscape photography, I always have a copy of this photo with me.  The photo is a constant reminder of our beginnings, but more importantly, because it was such a difficult photo to take, it's a reminder to have patience and envision the photograph before I even hold the camera up.   Is it framed the way I want it?  How's the light?  How's the shadows? Etc.etc.etc.  If you heard my brain before I took a photo, it would sound like the floor of the NY Stock Exchange.

This is a limited edition of 20 (total) and 17 are sold. We are blessed to have #4 of 20 to be hanging in the gallery of my dear friend and mentor Evla Vlasic in Bratislava, Slovakia.  (I will talk more about her in a later post).   If you are interested in one of the three remaining copies of this photo, please e-mail us at info@pgphotographystudio.com or call Greg at (610) 217.1798

Bye for now.

Paul & Greg


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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

True love

I was going to save this post till closer to Valentine's Day, but seeing various posts on Facebook I thought today is appropriate.

Being a photographer means you see a lot of unique and interesting things in life.  Paul and I have seen  millions of images from all over the world. To be honest, it takes a lot for something to really move us on a deep emotional level.  I guess we aren't the kind of people who could go to a museum and cry over a sculpture of a #2 pencil.  In 2012, we took a photo that touched our hearts on level that I personally didn't think was possible.

This couple lost their child very shortly after his birth to the world.  When the time came to take this shot, I wanted to do a photo that would truly show that true love will endure anything.  After I took this shot, I remember looking down into the cameras LCD screen and nearly tearing up.  Life is short, and you never know when events are going to happen to try and derail you. This couple took the unimaginable and turned it into inspiration for everyone they touch.   I just hope that when I have kids one day, that I will be as strong.  Not only are these individuals clients, but they are friends and both Paul and I wish them Godspeed.

This couple is currently opening their hearts and hoping to adopt in the near future.

Paul & Greg
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