Friday, April 3, 2015

Winter Fizzle, 2 New Art Series, Trips and Model Inquiries

Hello!  Greg here...

Just an update to keep you in informed with whats going on in the world of P&G Photography.

Dance: LayCee Houghton
Zjednodusujuce Kolekcie
Tanecnych Fotografii
Here in Utah the winter weather has been unusually warm. This is both good and bad.  The good is we weren't freezing our behinds off when the temps hit -8 degrees (-22 C), and we were able to do a lot of work both outdoors and indoors in the studio. The bad side is... we could really use the water, but aside from that, we were unable to do a lot of the winter / snow ideas due lack of snow.  Always next winter.

January was a big deal for use as we have introduced our first artistic series of photographs called "Zjednodusujuce Kolekcie Tanecnych Fotografii" or (Simplistic Collection of Dance Photography).  It is a series of black and white photographs that takes an in depth look at an alternative side of a
professional dancer.  Stripping away backgrounds and using a minimalist approach, enables us to highlight the dancers technique, bodies, passion, and emotion.  Each photograph is limited to twenty. This series will be completed at the end of 2015.  Included (and soon to be included) in this series are Phyllis Affrunti, Kelli Brown, Beth Feild, Abby Hall, LayCee Houghton, Kaitlyn Katter, Elizabet Keller, Shannon Marshall and a few others.  So far the reviews of this collection have been amazing from all across the globe.

The collection, once complete, is slated to be exhibited in full at the Southern Utah Museum of Art. Some of the photos are already in private collections and in galleries both here in the United States, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic. If you would like to view the series in full (to date), or purchase one of the limited edition photographs;go here:

Dance: LayCee Houghton
Dance in Motion
We also have been blessed with a brand new series that we are working on called "Dance in Motion" The photo shown here is the first photo in the series. This photo was called by one world class ballerina as "one of the best dance motion photos she has ever seen". It made Paul and I feel extremely proud. We will be working on this series throughout the year as well.  The photograph collection will be displayed here:

Of course these photos and these series would never be possible without the individuals who push both Paul and I to be the artists that we have grown to be. Phyllis Affrunti, Frank Affrunti, Kelli Brown, Sara Levin, Anthony Steyermark, Kathy Stout, and Evla Vlasicova.  Each one of these individuals / artists / critics all guide us in one form or another.  However, they all have one thing in common... none of them are afraid to tell both Paul and I when we screw up. For that, we are truly blessed and grateful.

We do have a few upcoming trips.  We will be in Philadelphia / Lehigh Valley area from June 10 thru June 17, and we will be up in Boise, ID  in August.  The dates for Boise are TBD.

The Philadelphia trip is nearly sold out, we have just one photo session left.  Once that session is booked we will have no more available.  I need to allow some time to be with friends and family.

The Boise trip we will primarily be working with the Boise Dance Co-op.  Aside from working with them, we will be doing a lot of work with Off Center Dance, Phyllis Affrunti, Elizabeth Keller, and fashion photographer  Sharayah Sherry in a joint session.  All this while working on the creative series mentioned above.  Busy trip.

We occasionally get emails asking what it takes to model for us and our portfolio, both in fashion, and dance. So I thought this would be a great way to address it. We hand select the models we wish to work with. However, regardless of the requirements; first and foremost you must be 18 years or older for any art series.

Dance Requirements:  You must be a professional dancer or be able to dance at or near a professional level. Extremely strong technique and a strong passion for dance are required. Those are the two aspects that are show cased in our dance art.  You must be willing to work extremely hard and have a strong attention for detail.  If interested, please e-mail us at and please include a head shot / body shot, and your dance history.

Professional Dancer:  Beth Feild
Copyright 2014
Fashion Requirements:  We shoot a lot of black and white photography with a strong European influence in our fashion photography. (Think Dolce & Gabanna for example). Which means you will need to be open to this style of photographic art.  You must have an outgoing personality, confidence, and be extremely hard working. No previous modeling experience needed. If interested, please e-mail us at and please include a head shot / body shot (If you don't have a head shot, a body shot will work fine), and modeling history (if any).

Title: La Disparition de l'homme
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